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INX2FO Plug-In

INX2FO Plug-In designed to make transformation easy from Adobe InDesign Interchange (INX) format documents to XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO), PDF and Post Script (PS) using INX2FO stylesheets.

INX2FO Stylesheets

INX2FO is a collection of stylesheets to convert InDesign INX documents to XSL FO (XSLFO).


Key Features of INX2FO Plug-In

The INX2FO Plug-In supports processing of INX documents (including ones with external data sources).

Rendering of documents supplied with RenderX XEP and INX2FO stylesheets with support of basic formatting objects such as text, paragraphs, graphical shapes, tables, text direction, hyperlinks, images, etc.

The INX2FO Plug-In offers following basic features:

The plug-in simplifies the transformation (conversion) from InDesign INX document format to XSL-FO, and then to PDF or Post Script (PS).
It could be easily used as a low cost server solution with high production performance, with the comparable functionality to Adobe solution.
Documents containing merged data with big amounts of records can be handled in a more elegant way by plug-in, using internal data source converter. XML data sources supported.
The plug-in is let you specify a range of data source records to be included in a resulting data source, after conversion.
The plug-in enables user to set up Java options for both Saxon and XEP formatter. This feature provides a way to tune all the components for the best result.
Those who work with large amounts of data will probably enjoy a lot fast preview of the resulting document.
Extended logging of the transformation process opens a way to diagnose the transformation process for optimization or other purposes.
Settings data can be stored InDesign internal storage that gives additional flexibility in back-upping.
Important ability to turn on/off FO file generation during documents processing. If turned off it improves performance; turning it on lets you see the document source code.

INX2FO Stylesheets capabilities

INX2FO stylesheets supports following page layout elements such as:

  • text paragraphs;
  • text styles;
  • tables and table styles;
  • external hyperlinks;
  • shapes (rectangles, lines, polygons, curves, ellipses) and shapes styles;
  • images (embedded and external);
  • data merge fields (text and image fields);
  • objects transformation (for shapes and images);
  • table of contents (with links to pages);
  • special symbols (like page numbering, trademark symbol , etc);
  • static and dynamic barcodes;
  • child shapes inside text frames;
  • numbered and bulleted lists;
  • images inside text frames;
  • special symbols (like page numbering, trademark symbol , etc);
  • child shape inside parent rectangle;
  • table footers.

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